What is Calgary Known For? More Than Just Cowboys & Rodeos!

Calgary is a place that most people have heard about before, regardless of whether they don’t know exactly what the city is famous for. Located within the province of Alberta, those who know about Calgary often think about the 1988 Winter Olympic Games or the Calgary Stampede, also known as the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.”

Apart from these two reputation-gainers, there are a lot of other reasons why Calgary is known well amongst the international community. Learn more about what makes the city so special, and what kind of activities and events to look for while you’re here!

Top 10 Things Calgary is Known For:

Calgary Stampede

  • The Calgary Stampede, the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”
  • The Calgary Flames (NHL) and Calgary Stampeders (CFL)
  • Host of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games and today is a major training ground for Canadian Olympians
  • Is where the famous western-style “ginger beef” dish originated from back in the 1970s, which is now enjoyed in restaurants across the West
  • Is where the famous “caesar” alcoholic beverage was invented by Walter Chell back in 1969, which is now a national drink icon
  • The short 45-minute drive away from outdoor leisure in various parks and reserves of the foothills and Rocky Mountains
  • Home to a 138-kilometre-long pathway system that connects over 400,000 Calgarians in more than 55 communities
  • The Bow and Elbow Rivers and downtown ‘river’ islands such as Prince’s Island Park and St. Patrick’s Island
  • A hotspot for everything related to Canada’s energy sector including oil and gas, renewables, and new emerging technologies such as hydrogen
  • Downtown Calgary Fire of 1886, which led to the construction of the sandstone buildings still seen throughout the city centre

Home of the “Caesar” Beverage

Bacon Caeser

Equivalent to America’s “Bloody Mary” drink, Canada’s “Caesar” beverage is today considered as the country’s national cocktail. Key ingredients include vodka, clam juice, tomato juice, spices and Worcestershire sauce.

Walter Chell, a food and beverage worker in Calgary, created this delicious concoction in 1969. Since then, the drink’s popularity has spread across the country and its origins have made the Caesar one of the most notable things Calgary is known for.

Home of “Ginger Beef”

Ginger Beef – Elizabeth Carson

Ginger beef is another food and drink item originating from Calgary. It is said that George Wong, a chef from northern China, invented the dish at the Silver Inn Restaurant in the Chinatown area of downtown in the 1970s.

Today, ginger beef is a main entrée featured at western-asian cuisine restaurants across Canada. In many instances, authentic Chinese restaurants have also adopted the dish onto the menu as a result of its popularity.

Famous Historical Attractions in Calgary

Calgary Tower

Historical attractions are what Calgary is known for in many instances by locals and tourists alike. These buildings likely catch your eye with their classic look and many are protected today under the city’s Heritage Act. Some of Calgary’s historical buildings include:

  • Calgary Tower
  • Lougheed House
  • Calgary’s Old City Hall
  • Calgary Fire Hall No. 1
  • AE Cross House (Rouge Restaurant)
  • St. Mary’s Parish Hall
  • Memorial Park Library
  • Fairmont Palliser Hotel
  • Bank of Nova Scotia Stephen Ave
  • Bank of Montreal Stephen Ave
  • National Hotel
  • Grain Exchange Building
  • King Edward Hotel

Quality of Life in Calgary

Downtown Eau Claire Community

Apart from the top things Calgary is famous for above, it is also known for being one of the top five most liveable cities in the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Index has consistently ranked Calgary in the top five from 2009 to 2019.

Calgary’s relatively strong economy, high safety, adept infrastructure and social programs contribute to a high standard of living for most residents.

Calgary’s highly educated and diverse population also contributes to a high quality of life for locals; about 33 per cent of its population are visible minorities and roughly 30 per cent immigrants, according to the City’s municipal government.

As one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities, Calgary is home to a wide range of annual festivals that showcase the best of various cultures including food, dance, story, attire and so much more!

Foothills & Rocky Mountains

Moraine Lake

The city’s proximity to the beautiful foothills and the Rocky Mountains is also what Calgary is known for. Locals and tourists alike can reach beautiful mountain towns like Canmore and Banff within an hour and enjoy outdoor leisure and recreational activities any day of the week.

Mountain lakes near Calgary also provide breathtaking scenery and panoramic views perfect for a family picnic, or perhaps to get that next best snap for your social media account.

Some mountain lakes found nearby Calgary include

  • Johnson Lake
  • Barrier Lake
  • Ghost Lake
  • Lake Minnewanka
  • Lake Louise
  • Moraine Lake
  • Grassi Lakes
  • Quarry Lake
  • Spray Lakes Reservoir
  • Vermillion Lakes
  • Kananaskis Lakes
  • Rawson Lake
  • Twin Lakes
  • Elk Lakes

Bow and Elbow Rivers

Peace Bridge & the Bow River

The Bow and Elbow Rivers are two other reasons why Calgary’s reputation is up there as a great place to live and visit. Summertime river activities include tubing, paddle boarding and canoeing.

Northwest Calgary parks like Bowness Park make for a good place to hop onto the river, and downtown areas like Prince’s Island Park and St. Patrick’s Island are an ideal spot to dock. Low-flow lagoons that have been carved out of these downtown locations make it easy to dock onto the river’s embankments.

The Elbow River is slower flowing and better for tubers looking to relax while enjoying some sun. A great starting point is Stanley Park; the river flows north and merges into the Bow River, making St. Patrick’s Island’s lagoons ideal to board back onto land.

If you’re interested in half to full day of activities along Calgary’s rivers, https://www.serbagadget.id/, check out:

  • A Day at the Bow River and Pathways
  • A Day at the Elbow River and Pathways

Popular Attractions in Calgary

Rocky Mountains

Apart from the Foothills and Rocky Mountains, there are several activities and events happening every year that help to boost Calgary’s reputation as an exciting place to live and also visit.

Some of the best attractions to check out in Calgary:

  • Patrick’s Island
  • Prince’s Island Park
  • Fish Creek Provincial Park
  • Nose Hill Park
  • Calgary Tower
  • Glenbow Museum
  • Stephen Avenue
  • 17th Avenue SW
  • Saddledome
  • RiverWalk
  • Chinatown
  • Crescent Heights Plateau
  • Telus SPARK
  • Calgary Zoo
  • Military Museums
  • Winsport’s Canada Olympic Park
  • Sikome Lake
  • Chinook Mall
  • CORE Shopping Mall
  • CrossIron Mills
  • New Horizon Mall

Calgary Fire of 1886

Knoxville Church – Glenbow Museum

Over 100 years ago – while in its infancy – Calgary was overwhelmed by a massive fire that destroyed several wooden buildings in the downtown area. As a result, city officials began quarrying sandstone from the embankments of the Bow River to use as a fire-retardant construction material in new city projects.

Today, you’ll see several sandstone structures in the City Centre area. Mostly schools and now designated heritage buildings, these tan-coloured bricked buildings remind us all of the infamous fire of 1886 that destroyed a good chunk of the city. Learn more:

  • 20 Historical Photos of Calgary You’ll Gasp At!

What Else is Calgary Known For?

Family-oriented communities, reasonably priced homes (compared to Toronto, Vancouver, etc), and a good old’ time all around. Come to Calgary and experience the best that our city has to offer by staying in a walkable area such as downtown, Kensington or perhaps the Beltline, and we promise you’ll have a blast!

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