Typical Bulgarian Food Dominated by Various Vegetables

Typical Bulgarian Food Dominated by Various Vegetables

Bulgaria, which is located in Southeastern Europe, has neighbors with other countries, such as in the north with Romania, in the west with Serbia and North Macedonia and in the south with Greece and Turkey.

It is from these countries that this country gets its culinary influences. Apart from that, Bulgarian specialties also feature some dishes which have Middle Eastern influences.

Shopska Salada

Shopsla salata is the same color as the Bulgarian flag, namely white, green and red. This dish is the national dish of Bulgaria. Many foreigners are familiar with this salad purportedly because it was invented in the 1960s by the socialist party who used this salad as a tourism promotion tool to highlight local ingredients.

The purpose of this promotion is to introduce vegetables from Bulgaria. Another story regarding the origin of this salad is that it probably originated with the Shopi people who live in the Shopluk region in the Balkans.

This salad can be made easily. The ingredients used include coarsely chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, green onions, red and sweet green peppers, red wine vinaigrette (sauce dressing), and finally sprinkled with finely grated Sirene cheese and parsley. This salad can be enjoyed as a starter or accompaniment to grilled meats.


Sometimes written as banitza, the banitsa is by far the most popular and most versatile food. This Bulgarian specialty in the form of pastries can be served hot or cold and can be made into sweet or savory dishes.

Banitsa is made from sheets of buttered phyllo pastry filled with egg and white cheese called Sirene. This dish is a common Bulgarian breakfast item, but sweeter variants containing ingredients such as pumpkin, apples or walnuts are often eaten as a popular Bulgarian dessert.


Gyuvech is a delicious dish named after the traditional Bulgarian clay casserole dish. This container is used for grilling and serving food in a traditional way. These clay pots can be found in every Bulgarian home and are often passed down from one generation to the next.

This container can also be given to couples on their wedding day. Cooking in clay pots is a version of the ancient Bulgarian cooking practice and is a method used to keep the nutritional content of food intact.


Banitsa is a cake that is usually consumed for breakfast. This cake reflects the humble food traditions of the country but at the same time, it also has its own rich history. Banitsa is made from a mixture of eggs, cheese and vegetables that are baked together. Banitsa made during Christmas and New Years are believed to bring good luck.


This Musaka is the perfect combination of eggs, meat and potatoes. Musaka has layers of three main ingredients that are perfect for one another. This is a time consuming and complex dish but a favorite. And it is said that Bulgarian men are required to be able to cook Musaka.

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