Laws of the Game 

All games shall be played in accordance with the laws of the game observed by the Calgary Soccer League, the Alberta Soccer Association and F.I.F.A.

Age & Gender

The tournament is open only to male players within the age category U15 – Adult level. 

Team Eligibility

  • Teams will be accepted to play in the tournament at the sole discretion of the league Organizing Committee appointed by the Calgary Soccer League.
  • All teams across Calgary with players in the age category noted above are eligible to participate.

Teams and Player Registration

  • Teams and players must be registered and have the participation fees paid before their first game is played.
  • A player CANNOT be registered for more than one team.
  • Teams which withdraw their application after July 7th, 2022 shall forfeit their entry fee.
  • Teams may register and dress 25 players for all games. Players who have not been registered by the registration deadline of July 15th, 2022 will be prevented from featuring in the games.
  • Persons acting in the capacity of Field Convener reserve the right to check player government approved IDs before all games to ensure that only registered players are being featured in games. Players without government approved IDs shall be prevented from featuring in all the tournament games.
  • Players who have been suspended by the Alberta Soccer Association and its members from participating in soccer games are not allowed to participate in the tournament. Persons acting in the capacity of Field Conveners reserve the right to prevent such players from being featured even if the players are already registered and present valid government IDs.

Number and Duration of Games

  • The number of games played shall be based on the match schedule released by the Organizing Committee. 
  • Duration of each game shall be 80mins except otherwise decided by match officials in alignment with team captains and coaching crew. 

Determination of Group Winners

  • Each team will be awarded:
    • 3 points for a win
    • 1 point for a tie
    • 0 points for a loss
  • At the end of the preliminary round, the group winner shall be the team with the most points. If teams are tied on points, the following criteria shall be used to determine the winner:  
  • Head-to-Head Competition winner 
  • Goal Differential (goals for minus goals against)
  • Coin Toss

Decision on which criteria to apply will be based on agreement between impacted teams.

Extra Time Rules

In the event of a tied playoff game (quarter-final, semi-final, or final rounds), the following procedure will be followed to determine the winner:

  • Penalty kicks as per FIFA (five kicks per team)
  • If still tied, alternating penalty kicks by the balance of the team until an outcome is decided.


  • There is no limit to the number of substitutions during a game, but a substitution can only be made during stoppage in play, and only at the referee’s discretion. 
    • When a goal is scored 
    • At a goal kick 
    • At the beginning of the first, or second half, or the beginning of overtime or halftime in overtime 
    • For an injured player at the referee’s discretion 
  • No substitution will be allowed for a player ordered from the field by the referee because of misconduct.

Game Sheets and Referees’ Reports 

  • All game sheets and referee reports must be returned to Organizing Committee, by the Field Conveners, as soon as possible after the completion of a game. 
  • Game sheets must be signed by the referee and one official from each team. 
  • If a player or team official is ordered from the field by the referee for misconduct, or any player or team official is cautioned by the referee during a game, it is essential the referee’s report and game sheet be delivered to the Organizing Committee within 1 hour after the end of the game.

Extraordinary Weather

  • In the event of severe weather (e.g., continuous heavy rain, lightning, excessive heat), the Organizing Committee has the authority to change the duration of games or any other function of the tournament, including such things as the following: 
  • Relocate and/or reschedule any games. 
  • Reduce, by up to 50 per cent, the scheduled duration of any game (including playoffs). 
  • Cancel any game in the preliminary round that has no bearing in deciding group winners. 
  • A game is considered complete when 50 per cent or less of the playing time remained when the game was terminated by the referee.
  • In the event of total cancellation of the league, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to refund a portion of the registration fee.

Failure to Show 

  • A team shall be allowed a 15-minute period of grace after the scheduled kick-off time before it is considered that they have failed to show. 
  • A minimum of seven players constitutes a team and the game will be started if a team has at least this number of players. The period of grace may be allowed only if there are less than the minimum players required. 
  • In the event of a failure to show, the offending team shall forfeit the game. If both teams fail to show, the Organizing Committee will make a ruling.

Abandoned/Forfeited Games 

  • The Organizing Committee will review the circumstances of any team that abandons (quits) a game before it is completed and decides whether the team shall forfeit the game. 
  • At the discretion of the Organizing Committee, teams that abandoned a game, fail to show, or otherwise forfeit a game will be subject to a dismissal from the tournament and all entry fees and bonds forfeited without appeal. Furthermore, such action will be reported to the governing body of the team involved. 
  • All opponents of a team who have forfeited a game will be awarded a win and three points in preliminary standings (score recorded as 2-0).

Player Uniforms and Equipment 

  • Players must wear a number on the back of their shirts. Each player on a team shall have a different number and this number must coincide with the player’s name and number as shown on the entry form and game sheet. 
  • If the colours clash, the home team will change colours. A coin toss may also be used to decide which team changes colour.
  • At the Organizing Committee’s discretion, a team that does not observe the colour change or shirt requirements of this rule may forfeit the game.
  • The Organizing Committee and/or competing teams shall supply the game ball.
  • All Players and participant in the tournament MUST wear required protective gears such as shin guards, soccer socks and boots with approved cleats to play all tournament games. Field conveners reserve the right to prevent non-compliant players and participants from playing. 

Field Supervision 

  • Persons acting in the capacity of Field Conveners shall coordinate all games on behalf of the Organizing Committee.
  • They shall implement and enforce all relevant rules to ensure the minimum Alberta Soccer Association standards are met. Players and participants AGREE to comply with all rules and instructions passed on by the Organizing Committee. 


  • All protests will only be entertained if received within 1 hour after the completion of the game in question. All protests must be written and accompanied with the protest fee of $50.00 payable by cash or money order only. Protest fee will be refunded if the protest in question is deemed to be valid.


  • The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part.
  • The Organizing Committee and the Calgary Soccer League reserve the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.
  • The Organizing Committee, the Calgary Soccer League and its Board shall not be liable for any injuries sustained by a player, coach, spectators, and volunteers during and after the tournament.

Code of Conduct

  • In addition to the rules that shall be enforced by match officials in alignment with FIFA rules, the following procedures shall be applied in cases of players and/or coaches’ misconduct. 
  • Red Card issued to a player
    • Player will be made to vacate the game and the match venue
    • Player will not be allowed to play two games after the game in which they were suspended
    • The impacted player team will be required to pay a misconduct fee of $100 before being featured in any other game.
  • Yellow Card issued to a player
    • A yellow card attracts a misconduct fee of $10. The fee is required to be paid prior to the player being featured in the next game.
  • Match Official Assault
    • The offender shall be immediately suspended from all tournament games, pending a hearing by the Organizing Committee
    • If found guilty, the offender will be permanently suspended from the tournament and the team will be required to pay a $500 fine.