Intriguing Realities about Steel trailers

Shipping containers, and the ships that carry them, are some of the most overlooked yet essential parts of the modern economy. They are the lifeblood of physical industry and trade. Without them, we would be highly restricted in what we could transport, how much we could move around, and where we could take things.

Consider for a moment just how much of what you have was made or at least partially made overseas. Practically sbobet88 all those items came to the country via shipping container on a container ship. Sure, there are other aspects of transport and shipping, but nothing can even come close in terms of bulk.

While there is so much to learn about them, let’s start with a few facts and figures. Here are 25 things you should know about containers and container ships – who knew they were so interesting!


Container ships and containers have so much to them and are such a significant part of our lives without realizing this. There is a lot more to learn about them, from logistics to manufacturing, that you could read several books on the topic and only scratch the corrosion-resistant surface. The ships, in turn, are some of the largest and most interesting structures we have. Whatever your interest, we hope the above info was fun to think about, and you have a better idea of the scale and importance of shipping around the world.

Shipping containers aren’t the boring metal boxes you thought them to be. Here are some interesting facts about them that would change the way you look at them!
We’ve all encountered shipping containers in some form or the other. There may have been times when you’ve seen one and not even recognised it! But for something this ubiquitous, how much do you know about them?

Not much, we’re sure…

This is why we compiled a list of 20 fun facts about shipping containers. Let’s see how many of these you knew, and which one you like the most.

Cold Goods

Temperature-sensitive cargo is moved in reefer containers. These are sealed containers that can sustain a temperature. An interesting fact about reefer containers – they are no refrigerators, so they don’t create cool air! Instead, they are quite efficient at keeping the temperature constant and circulating the cool air around.

Manual Tracking

Every commercial shipping container is assigned a unique unit number. This is made up of a 4-digit prefix, where the first three digits signify the owner, and the fourth denotes the category, usually a ‘U’ to signify ‘unit freight container’. A 6-digit serial number and a check digit, which is calculated using a mathematical formula, follow this prefix. With this identification tag, you can track the container’s location as it travels across the world.

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