Geek Bar Develops Vape Supply Chain Charter to Ensure Product Integrity

Geek Bar, a leading disposable vape manufacturer, has taken a significant step towards ensuring the integrity of its products in the UK market. The company recently launched a comprehensive supply chain charter aimed at preventing the entry of non-compliant and counterfeit items that bear the Geek Bar brand. This proactive initiative not only addresses the issue of illicit disposable vape products but also focuses on curbing sales of their products to minors.

The Challenge of Illicit Disposable Vape Products

In the UK, strict regulations govern the sale and distribution of disposable vapes. These regulations dictate that such devices should contain no more than 20mg/ml of nicotine and have a liquid capacity not exceeding 2ml. Unfortunately, some non-compliant products, such as Geek Bar Pros, designed for markets with different regulations, have found their way into the UK market.

The Geek Bar Supply Chain Charter

Geek Bar’s new supply chain charter covers every aspect of the product journey, from sourcing components to the final sale to customers. By implementing this charter, the company and its supply chain partners commit to upholding a set of rigorous standards. Let’s delve into the key commitments outlined in the charter:

1. Sourcing Components and Ingredients of the Highest Quality

Geek Bar emphasizes the importance of using top-quality and pure components and ingredients in their products. By ensuring the unrivaled quality of their supplies, Geek Bar aims to deliver exceptional vaping experiences to its customers.

2. Robust New Product Development Processes

Geek Bar has implemented stringent new product development processes to guarantee full compliance with the approval requirements set by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). By doing so, the company ensures that all their products adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality.

3. Stringent Batch Control

To facilitate easy verification, Geek Bar maintains stringent batch control practices. Retailers and distributors can readily check if a product incorporates a UK batch number, ensuring compliance with local regulations and quality standards.

4. Clear Distribution Contracts

Geek Bar maintains transparent distribution contracts with all their partners. These contracts clearly outline the territories in which distributors can sell their products, based on specific legislation concerning e-liquid capacity and nicotine concentrations.

5. Highly Responsive Product Recall Procedures

In the event of a product recall, Geek Bar has established highly responsive procedures. Distributors are promptly alerted, ensuring that the necessary information cascades downstream in the supply chain. By taking swift action, Geek Bar prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of its customers.

6. Transparency with Health and Safety Information

Geek Bar places great importance on providing consumers with comprehensive health and safety information. Any potential hazards associated with their products are effectively communicated on the packaging, in adherence to the Classification, Labelling, and Packaging Regulations. The company conducts classification and labelling checks on each product to ensure compliance.

7. Adult-Focused Labelling

To prevent sales to minors, Geek Bar adopts adult-focused labelling. Their packaging clearly indicates that the products are intended for sale only to individuals aged 18 or above. By doing so, Geek Bar promotes responsible vaping practices.

8. Product Authenticity Checks

Geek Bar enables both retailers and consumers to verify the authenticity of their products. Doubts regarding product legitimacy can be addressed by checking the visible security code on the packaging, assuring customers of the genuineness of their purchases.

9. Tamper-Proof Products

Through the implementation of a top-integrated seal on the packaging, Geek Bar ensures tamper-proof products. The tear brace design allows consumers to open the vape product easily, while also helping to identify any attempts at tampering during the supply chain process.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Allen Yang, the CEO of Geek Bar, emphasizes that their supply chain charter sets the bar high for disposable vape standards. The company’s commitment to ensuring the highest quality and safest vaping experience is unwavering. Through diligent review and optimization of their business operations, Geek Bar aims to maintain its position as a trusted industry leader.


Geek Bar’s proactive approach to tackle the challenge of illicit disposable vape products is commendable. By launching their supply chain charter, they demonstrate a strong commitment to product integrity, compliance with regulations, and customer safety. Through a combination of stringent standards, transparent processes, and continuous improvement, Geek Bar aims to provide adult smokers with a vaping experience they can trust.


  1. What is Geek Bar’s new supply chain charter? Geek Bar has introduced a comprehensive supply chain charter to safeguard against non-compliant and fake products entering the UK market. It covers aspects such as sourcing quality components, batch control, distribution contracts, product recall procedures, health and safety transparency, adult-focused labelling, product authenticity checks, and tamper-proof packaging.
  2. Why is Geek Bar concerned about non-compliant disposable vape products? Non-compliant disposable vape products not only undermine industry regulations but also pose risks to consumers. Geek Bar wants to ensure that its products meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and compliance, protecting both their brand reputation and the well-being of their customers.
  3. How does Geek Bar ensure the authenticity of their products? Geek Bar employs visible security codes on their packaging, allowing retailers and consumers to verify the authenticity of their products. By checking these codes, customers can confidently purchase genuine Geek Bar vape products.
  4. What steps has Geek Bar taken to prevent sales of their products to minors? Geek Bar employs adult-focused labelling on their products, clearly indicating that they are only intended for sale to individuals who are 18 years old or above. By implementing this measure, Geek Bar aims to promote responsible vaping practices and prevent sales to minors.
  5. How does Geek Bar ensure the safety of their products throughout the supply chain? Geek Bar has implemented tamper-proof packaging with a top-integrated seal. This design feature allows consumers to open the vape products easily while helping to detect any tampering attempts during the product’s movement through the supply chain. This ensures that customers receive products in their intended and safe condition.

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