Delicious Typical Finnish Culinary Shakes the Tongue

Delicious Typical Finnish Culinary Shakes the Tongue

Reported by Finnish culinary specialties have similarities to Scandinavian food, the difference being that Finnish food tends not to be sweet. Finnish rye bread is unsweetened and even slightly bitter. The influence of Russian and German cuisine entered Finnish cuisine. Finnish food is not very well known outside of northern Europe.

Fish and meat play an important role in traditional Finnish dishes especially in western Finland. While dishes from eastern Finland are more likely to contain traditional vegetables and mushrooms. In Finnish cuisine the presence of fresh bread is mandatory on the table.


Karalan pie or Karjalanpiirakat is a small pie originating from southeastern Finland. You can eat it anytime, either as breakfast or as a snack, even this pie is also usually present in dinner dishes served with egg butter mixture. Karelian pie can be found all over Finland, even in supermarkets. But of course there’s nothing better than homemade!

Savustette Siika

This typical Finnish food is smoked whitefish. Fish is one of the main ingredients in Finnish cuisine. A large number of lakes and rivers provide food stores for fish especially for your dinner and preparing it over an open fire. Savustettu siika is usually served when spending time at summer cottages. whitefish can be caught in lakes, rivers and the Baltic Sea.
Here are some instructions for making Smoked whitefish: You can use an electric smoker or more traditionally use fire. Sprinkle salt on all parts of the fish that were cleaned first, not too much salt but evenly.


There are more deer than men in Lapland. Because of this, venison is a very common ingredient in dishes in Northern Finland and tourists can find it in a wide variety of dishes, whether smoked venison, dried venison, chopped venison, venison in soups, and so on. Stir-fried deer or Poronkäristys in Finnish is one of the Finnish specialties that can be eaten in all seasons and tourists can find it in many restaurants. Thinly sliced sauteed venison served with mashed potatoes, pickles and lingonberries.


Another typical Finnish food is Rieska bread. This bread is usually present to complement Finnish dishes. Rieska bread you must try while living in Finland. There are several kinds of the most common and easy to find are potato rieska or perunarieska in Finnish, barley rieska and rye rieska.

Silli Ja Uudet Perunat

Silli Ja Uudet Perunat is a baby potato dish prepared with fresh herring and added with chantarelle sauce. This dish is suitable to eat when the weather is cold and eaten together with friends or family.


Basically it’s a cinnamon bun. In Finland Korvapuusti is usually eaten as an accompaniment to a cup of coffee, because Finns consume a lot of coffee and a lot of cinnamon buns compared to other European countries. Once you enjoy this typical Finnish culinary, it’s hard to stop at just one or two pieces.

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