Best Ethereum Mining Software for Nvidia and AMD Crypto Mining Blog

Chances are the other clients can do this as well, I just didn’t work out how. I felt it important to test various DAG file sizes to show future performance as well. A new DAG is generated for each epoch around every 30,000 blocks and right now it is estimated that this will happen every 4 days or so.

If you’re purely profit motivated, there’s a much different choice to make. Of course, if profit is everything you might just consider purchasing Ethereum rather than mining it in the first place. At its current growth rate it might just be a better investment than the hardware.

Big miners should then be able to apply for a node validator, if they succeed they can augment the income from abandoned GPUs. Anyway, in the long run, specially with the effectivity of eth burning due to the current ethereum network upgrade, ETH value should be going up in the next couple of months and years so it is just fine. Choosing a less known project could be an option such as ethereum’s famous contenders ada, ftm, jasminer x16-p and more others however, it is best to ride the situation and take advantage of the upcoming upside of ethereum. If you’re looking for the absolute best mining hash rate per graphics card, Nvidia’s Ampere architecture is a good place to look for it.

We’re mostly looking at reference models as well, which often aren’t the best option, but here’s how our data compares to what NiceHash reports. The developers behind LolMiner do a good job at pushing out software updates. Recently, they added a 100% hash rate unlocker for the NVIDIA RTX 3060, which allows it to mine at full potential like its non-LHR variant. It’s certainly not the best if speed is what you’re looking for, but it’s still a great option for someone who uses both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs in their mining rigs. Last on the list, we have LolMiner, a program made with AMD GPUs in mind. However, the good news is that most NVIDIA graphics cards are compatible as well, but the mining speed and stability will vary depending on the exact GPU model you have.

Boasting a step up in better performance than the previous generation, is the RTX 2070. At a lower price point, it’s easy to offer some compelling reasons to upgrade to the MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 for gaming, design and content creation. Of course, it’s also among the leaders for the best mining GPUs currently. It has a heatsink designed for better heat dissipation, and Zero Frozr technology which can actually stop the fan in low workloads for less noise.

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