Who we are:

We are Calgary Soccer League (CSL), a newly registered society under the Societies Act of Alberta. Our vision is: Bringing Calgary together through soccer and other sports to support well-being and mental health. We hope to achieve this through various events that attract everyone irrespective of race, age, class, or gender. We take pride in our values of community, diversity & inclusion, teamwork & respect, wellbeing, and excellence


What we do:

We are based in Livingston Calgary, a Brookfield Residential Community designed for togetherness. Consistent with our vision, our mandate is to:

  • Nurture growing interests in soccer and other sports within Calgary communities – We support the development and ongoing maintenance of the Soccer teams thereby providing avenues for sports loving residents to interact in a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment. 

We are engaged all year round through winter and summer events:

  • We run Junior, Youth and Adult soccer development programs at no cost to players and parents
  • Through the commitment of our volunteer staff and board members, we organize soccer tournaments tagged “Champions League” which attract soccer teams from different parts of Calgary. 

In 2023, we plan to hold the first edition of Calgary Ballon d’Or. It will be a night dedicated to recognizing individuals who have excelled in soccer and other sports in the past year.

Thank you our sponsors

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